Filter Cleaner - 1ltr

Filter Cleaner - 1ltr

Yourspa Filter Cartridge Cleaner (1ltr)

  • Removes oils & greases from spa & hot tub filters
  • Restores filter efficiency
  • Overnight soak

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Yourspa Spa Cartridge Cleaner (1ltr)

Specialised Cleaning Liquid for Filter Cartridges
Debris and grease can quickly accumulate on filter cartridge elements impairing performance. Yourspa Spa Cartridge Cleaner is used to remove oils and greases from spa filter cartridges, restoring filter efficiency and prolonging the life of such expensive consumables.

How to apply Spa Cartridge Cleaner

IMPORTANT: Always wear rubber gloves and eye protection when using this product.
1. Remove cartridge from spa and hose of any loose debris.
2. Fill a clean plastic bucket, large enough to completletely immerse the cartridge elemtn with clean water.
3. Add 1 litre of Spa Cartridge Cleaner for every 20 litres of water in the bucket.
4. Carefully immerse the cartridge element in the solution and allow it to soak overnight or for at least 8 hours.
5. Remove filter from the solution and rinse through thoroughly with fresh water.
6. Allow the filter cartridge to dry before returning it to service.

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